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Updates & Resources


If you're in New South Wales, there are heaps of pet friendly holiday parks and camping grounds to visit.  Visit NSW gives a comprehensive run-down at

The latest dog friendly venues in Sydney can be found on FourSquare at  Sirius Cove, Alexandria Park and the Henson are the current top 3 mutt-loving venues.

If you're in Victoria, Parks Victoria has a list of dog friendly parks for you and your mutt to enjoy, with a variety of on-lead, off-lead and camping options, at

In sunny Queensland, a list of national parks and forests that allow dogs on-leash can be found at

In Brisbane, you can let your mutt run free and off-leash at

In our home town of Toowoomba, we look to the Field Guide for a list of pup-friendly cafes and venues at

Four Brothers Brewing and Burrow are known to be puppy-friendly, while Bar Wunder is renowned for its dedicated dog-friendly beer garden, complete with locally produced organic dog treats and even dog-friendly beer (non-alcoholic).

The Toowoomba Regional Council has also listed the dog-off leash areas at and have put together the map below for us dog lovers.


So, your dog has talked to you about joining you next time you head out on a camping adventure. Our friends at Outsidehow in the US have come up with some great tips and tricks when it comes to camping.  Check them out here - 


Outback Mutts have teamed up with our local RSPCA Op Shop! 

For a donation we are able to source second hand jeans and shirts, with the majority of clothes not making the shelves due to wear and tear.  We are extending the life of things that already exist and we are very proud of that.

The RSPCA has some fantastic resources like the RSPCA School for Dogs, Pet adoption and Pet Cremation Services.  If you are in Toowoomba, be sure to donate and/or shop at the RSPCA Op Shop on 1/900 Ruthven St, Toowoomba QLD 4350 or visit for more details.


At Outback Mutts we source environmentally sustainable and/or biodegradable materials wherever we can in an effort to put the environment first.  We are also proud participants of Clean Up Australia Day on the first Sunday of March each year.  In past years, our mutts have literally supported Clean Up Australia Day, with their very own paws!  Check out #Muttscleanup for our mutt-pics.

The next Clean Up Australia Day falls on Sunday the 7th March 2021.  We would love to see all mutts and mutt-lovers join in on the clean up effort in their local area!  Start by visiting to see what you can do to reduce your impact on the environment.


Australian Dog Lovers is a wonderful organisation that encourages responsible dog ownership.  There are a wealth of resources available on their website including a long list of Australian Dog Events and Expos at

Outback Mutts' Rescued Collars were fortunate enough to be mentioned as one of 15 Eco-Friendly Pet Products for Dog Owners.  If you are looking for more sustainable pet products, check out this article at


Outback Mutts love to support our local Toowoomba Vets, and know that you will find the best care for your four-legged bestie at Herriot House Veterinary Surgery at, Toowoomba Veterinary Hospital at and Toowoomba Family Vets at