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Our Rescued Collars

Outback Mutts is joining the war on waste!  #waronwaste

At Outback Mutts our values are all about looking after this land we live on, be it keeping Australia beautiful, recycling and repurposing, embracing a simple lifestyle, ethical treatment of animals, and providing products and working practices that reflect these values.

“Fast fashion” is a major contributor to greenhouse gases, water and air pollution, and creates problematic levels of waste.

Hence, the idea of turning pre-loved clothes into fashion accessories for mutts came to fruition. 

We’ve teamed up with our local RSPCA Op Shop and for a donation we are able to source second hand jeans and shirts, with the majority of clothes not making the shelves due to wear and tear.  We are extending the life of things that already exist and we are very proud of that.

Just like a rescued mutt - each accessory is unique, recycled and made filled with love!!

We are really excited about our first recycled fashion accessory, our martingale collar for larger mutts.  

We hope you love them and wear them like they're your Sunday best!

Unique, recycled, loved