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Caring for your Waxed Canvas Muttware

Your waxed canvas Muttware will be a little stiff when you receive it or if it remains unused for a long period of time, however this is not a concern as it will soften with use.

If you leave your Muttware in the hot sun for a little while, the waxed canvas will soften, however this is also not a concern as it will return to normal when it's back at room temperature.  Even so, it is best not to leave your waxed canvas products in a hot car all summer long given the harshness of Aussie conditions.

Never ever ever

  • wash in a washing machine
  • use detergents or bleach
  • use hot or warm water to clean
  • dry clean or put in a clothes dryer, or
  • expose to extreme heat as this will break down the wax coating.

To clean

If your Muttware gets soiled - whether from muddy paws or mutt adventures - wait for it to dry and gently brush off any dirt.  If it needs a little help, use a slightly dampened cloth (dampened in cold water) to gently rub the spot or stain.  A cold damp cloth is all you need; detergents or bleach will ruin the wax coating.  

As for oily substances, they will simply become a part of the material.  There is no good way to clean oiliness without spoiling the water resistant qualities of the waxed canvas. 

There is no need to clean oiliness off Muttware. The beauty of waxed canvas material is that age, stains and wear builds character to it. 

Enjoy your Muttware!

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