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Covid-19 is a stark reminder that our assault on the natural world has consequences. [1]

I think we mutts can teach you a lesson or two!  We don’t want no fancy cars, excess fashion, things or STUFF.  Though Harry will probably disagree in winter because he does love his fancy coat – but that’s one coat!  We want the simple things in life – some shelter, rules, boundaries and limitations (as Cesar would say), clean water, walks and sniffs in nature, the zoomie runs around the paddock, the swims in the dam, the two feeds a day with an occasional treat.

At Outback Mutts we love the land we live on and we try to live our best simple life.  We understand that what we do, our actions, impact on the environment and we want to empower everyone to think about their use and waste on our natural resources - from what we eat to what we wear – to what we buy to what we throw away.

We have one planet – one life! 

So while we produce product, we are mindful that we are not getting caught up in #fastfashion.

From our humble beginnings, travelling to China (Yiwu International Trade City) to source product, mum and dad were a bit naïve on what being truly sustainable meant.  While they worked with the manufacturing company on design and detail of our classic style muttware, they didn’t question how the materials were sourced and manufactured; the manufacturer’s impacts on the environment, if any;  who was involved in these processes and what economic and working conditions they were facing.  What they remember from the trip is being totally blown away by the amount of STUFF in this one market.   

“One” market, in “one” city, let me put this into perspective for you.  Mum says the market is six connected buildings each with five floors spread over 4 kilometres of shopping area = 4 million square meters for 75,000 (3x3 metre) booths where 100,000 suppliers exhibit 400,000 kinds of products. It’s the world’s largest small commodities market  …. FULL OF STUFF!!  Mind blowing hey!

The picture below shows one, just one of the 75,000 booths.  

This ever-increasing level of production in order to continuously provide cheap STUFF, often only making a small profit, is feeding over-consumption all around the world!    

So while our muttware is made in China we are proud that it is made out of hardwearing fabric that can be used time and time again, and the classic style will look good each and every season. #slowfashion

It was this very trip that started mum and dad thinking of ways they could provide fashionable accessories for mutts without getting caught up in #fastfashion producing lots and lots of STUFF that eventually ends up in landfill.  Hence, our rescued collars became a thang!  Recycling, or the better term would be 'upcycling' denim and cotton shirts, sourced from our local RSPCA op shop, which are cut up and made into stylish fashion collars. 

The collars are lovingly made by our mum.  They are unique because of the limited fabric (one shirt), so you won’t see the same collar on another mutt in your 'hood!  And, they are hardwearing because they are made from denim and the final heavy stitching is done by our local shoe repairer. We wear collars that tell a story!  #whomadeyourclothes

And we are proud to let you know that we are now recycling the hardware.  If you have bought one of our collars you can return your collar and we will reuse the hardware to make you a new one – at a discounted price. Just send us a message! #circularfashion

So let us ask you some questions –

  • How many collars, harnesses, coats can one mutt wear at one time?
  • What happens to your old collars, coats, cheap beds? Do they go to landfill or are they able to be recycled/upcycled? #circularfashion
  • Do your favourite brands provide details on their sustainability goals and actions?
  • What are your products made from? Are they sustainable fabrics – free from chemicals and dyes that impact our waterways or our land?
  • Are the people that make your clothes being paid a living wage?

Come on mutts, let’s take steps in order to reduce our impact on the planet. 

Harry and I challenge you to take up the #slowfashionchallenge by buying good quality, stylish products that can be used or worn for a very long time - and before you buy think about where the product will end up at 'end of life'. Will you be able to recycle or upcycle it or will it go to landfill?

Let’s innovate, make, create without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, particularly with regard to the use and waste of natural resources. [2]

We would love you to share your thoughts in the comments below on what you will do to start to save the world! If you need some inspo check out the UN's "The Lazy person's guide to saving the world". [3]

Love and licks, Teddy  xx


[1] https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/05/humanitys-assault-on-the-natural-world-has-paved-the-way-for-covid-19/

[2] https://www.fashionrevolution.org/why-do-we-need-a-fashion-revolution/

[3] https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/takeaction/


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