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The Origins of Outback Mutts

Hi, I am Teddy, and together with Harry, we are the Outback Mutts!  

I thought I’d share the story of the ‘Origins of the Outback Mutts’ with you.

Mum and Dad live at the bottom of the Toowoomba range in Queensland.

Table Top

Image: #TabletopMountain @terryjohngallery

Our lives started out quite differently. Harry is a purebred Ridgie, born in Wingham, NSW in 2012 so he’s a true dinky di cockroach, though he likes to think he’s a cane toad!! His real name is Cedarrose Karmic Juggernaut. WT?!! No wonder he was renamed to Harry!! (He’s a Cedarrose/Usakose mutt).

During the long (8 hour) drive home to Queensland, Harry slept like a baby in the car. Mum and Dad said he was a good little traveller (unlike when they picked me up)!!


Harry came home to two big sisters, Jorja and Blanche. Jorja, being another purebred Ridgie, fell instantly in love with Harry.  Blanche on the other hand, took a while to warm to him. It wasn’t personal though. We often thought Blanche would’ve made a great Delta dog because she loved Hoomans, but wasn’t a lover of other dogs! Hence, Blanche seemed like the cranky old mumma bear, merely tolerating the new addition to the pack.

Harry, Jorja and Blanche had adventures together for around three years, when in June 2015, Jorja was struck down with osteosarcoma in her back leg. It was serious. Jorja had her back leg amputated to free her of pain, however the cancer had already spread. They got to spend three more months with Jorja before they had to say goodbye. Mum, Dad, Harry and Blanche (we think) were devastated. Jorja was just 8 years old.


This is Brock, Mum and Dad's first rescue! Remind you of someone?

A few months after losing Jorja, Mum went to the RSPCA shelter in Toowoomba to see who was there. 

Mum and Dad love purebreds, especially Rhodesian Ridgebacks, but they also love to rescue.

So as it goes they started with a Rescue, then a Purebred, then a Rescue, then a Purebred and then ME – a 10-month old Wolfhound-x-Rottweiler Rescue!

At the RSPCA that day, I sat quietly and put my puppy dog charm on. Voila! Mum came towards me again and sat and talked to me. I think she was saying that I reminded her of Brock. To this day she often says that I am Brock reincarnated. It could just be the look I know, but I think it’s also the crazy energy we share.

I was really scared the day Mum and Dad picked me up and coerced me into the back of the car; my anxiety was sky high.  I remember trembling and shaking, and being so frightened that I peed getting into the back of the car. 

It was only a short drive before I was home and met Harry and Blanche.  Yep, Harry was right…Blanche was the cranky old mumma bear and I soon figured out that you did as Blanche said!

As I started to explore my new home, I soon settled into my new life.  I loved running in the paddock, swimming in the dam, riding on the back of the ute, and chasing and sniffing about the cows and the horses – it was like I came to an Outback Mutt’s heaven! 

I discovered that Blanche also shared my high energy and was a great ally in times of wallaby chases.  I slowly built my confidence up over time, though I can slip back into an anxious state pretty quickly, especially when strangers come to visit – or if there are any flies or bugs buzzing around!!

In 2017, about two years after I joined my new family, we lost our big sis Blanche to a cancerous tumour Mum found in her chest.  We loved Blanche and miss her mumma bear antics!!

So there you have it, Harry and I, two brothers from a different mother, have lived harmoniously together for nearly five years now. 

Did I mention that Harry is a bit of a sook and a Mummy’s boy? Maybe that’s a given because of his purebred and high-browed origins!  As a classic Mummy’s boy, Harry is not always up for a play, or a ride on the back of Dad’s ute, often preferring the comfort and nurturing environment of being near Mum.  I, on the other hand, am up for any action, rain, hail or shine!! 

That’s the story of how Harry and I met.  Together we are the Outback Mutts.

Love and licks!! xx


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