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Our Mission

To inspire moments of fun and adventure for all mutts through our brand and actions.

Muttware Collections


Love our Outback Mutts tote bag! Makes adventures so much easier and the essentials are now never forgotten!! The tote bag and all the extras are so well made and look great. I could not be happier!

Ruby (@ruby_rhubarb_and_lily)

We are two pups who love adventures. Our hoomans love adventures too, but mama was always forgetting to bring something! It was either the treats, water bowl, or poop bags! Smart mama bought this gorgeous tote from Outback Mutts and our adventures have never been more complete. We never forget the essentials and always have room for the extra stuff like towels for the beach…..and boy do we look hecking stylish while doing it. Thanks Harry and Teddy, you guys are the best. x

Roger and Ella (@roger_and_ella)

We love our outback mutts tote. It fits all of Pirate’s things in it when we go away. His treats are stored away in the treat bag and don’t spill in the bag. It is easy to just grab the tote on our way out and always leave it packed with all the things we need for a day or just a few hours. We took the bag on a camping trip to the beach as well as for a few trips and outings we went on. It is easy to clean, as I can just wipe the bag with a cloth or brush the dirt off when it dries. 

Pirate (pirate_on_adventures)

We are in love with our Outback Mutts gear. The bag is perfect for our beach trips - it is stylish but also super hard-wearing, fits everything (including our Outback Mutts portable water bowl, water bottle and treat pouch and a towel) and is super easy to clean when Augie decides to try and bury it in the sand... The water bowl is also super handy as it folds up easily and can fit in your pocket. Can't wait to keep using this for our adventures.

Augie (augie_the_corgi)

What we're about

We strive to give priority to social and environmental considerations in our business, and build a community of conscientious pet owners who share our values.

Our aim is to create stylish, versatile and ethical products for the mutt who loves to get out and about.

Our goal is to see all mutts on adventure, whether it’s a trip to the park, a run on the beach, a play date at doggy day care, a sleepover, a camping trip, or assisting humans in life, proudly wear, or carry a piece of muttware! 

A 'mutt' is a dog that is a little bit rebellious, lives life to the full and loves adventure.  'Mutt' is a name to be worn with pride. 'Muttware' is a term to describe durable pet products that are made for real mutts. 

Join this exciting movement at Outback Mutts, where we love adventure.